JCC has contributed to the growth of trade, investments and economic development between Japan and Thailand.

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Message from the President

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The 51th President
Akira Murakoshi

Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok (JCC) is one of the largest Japanese chambers of commerce abroad consisting of 1,618 member companies (as of April 30, 2015). The JCC celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. Since its establishment in 1954, the JCC has contributed to not only trade, investments and economic development of the two countries but also cultural exchange, education development and other social activities for over half a century.

The coup last May ended the series of political uncertainties since the latter part of 2013, and the situation has been stabilized under the control of a caretaker government. However, the economic situation has not yet recovered as was expected. In the meantime, various significant structural changes such as the introduction of the long-disputed inheritance tax and the new BOI strategies are being promoted drastically. Seeing the overview of the current political and economic situation in Thailand, uncertainties cannot be denied.

Under these circumstances, maintaining its position to not be involved in any political matter, the JCC will be active in economic issues, especially the continuous request to the Thai government to, as the top priority, take every measure toward economic recovery, including the expansion of public expenditures, promotion of foreign investments and the relaxation of various regulations.

With the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by the end of this year, cross-border economic partnerships are attracting increasing attention. Japanese companies also are expected to develop business strategies not only in Thailand but also in the region. the JCC will request the Thai government to develop policies that would help the country to become the hub of such regional integration, such as enhancement of the IHQ scheme, development of investment infrastructure, human resource development and collaboration with neighboring countries.

In terms of social activities, this year the JCC will launch a course for Thai-Japanese cross-culture, Japanese-style management methodologies, and production management in major universities, hoping to contribute to development of the Thai younger generation.

In addition, from the perspective of "promotion of communication among members", making the best use of the world's largest membership, the JCC will be active in projects creating "meeting places". This includes events and social gatherings to expand human networks, matchmaking to facilitate business opportunities, and cross-industrial association to achieve innovation.

The JCC will keep active in various activities to meet the expectations from its members. We would appreciate your continuous support and cooperation.

April 2015

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