JCC has contributed to the growth of trade, investments and economic development between Japan and Thailand.

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Message from the President

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The 52nd President
Shingo Sato

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok (JCC) is one of the largest Japanese chambers of commerce abroad consisting of 1,718 member companies (as of May 30, 2016). Since its establishment in 1954, the JCC has contributed to not only trade, investments and economic development of the two countries but also cultural exchange, education development and other social activities for over half of a century.

In Thailand, a constitutional referendum will be held in August 2016, and if the new draft is approved, it will be followed by a general election in the middle of 2017, whereby the country will most likely return to civilian rule. While the JCC has been maintaining its position to not make any political statements and closely watching the movements toward a shift to civilian rule, the JCC will make every effort to provide member companies with the necessary information even if unforeseen circumstances, and to ensure that we can carry out business safely in Thailand.

Following its formation at the end of last year, in 2016 the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) effectively kicked off at the first of the year. In the midst of closer economic partnerships within ASEAN, Thailand is seeking to upgrade the industry in order to survive increasingly fierce global competition. This is why the Thai government announced the new Cluster / Super Cluster Policy which promotes higher value-added industries with the aim of escaping from the middle income trap and further economic growth. The JCC will support Thailand's development, and seek further improvement in investment environment including the new investment incentives in order to build a relationship of Win-Win.

Networking and business matching among the member companies is also one of our priority agendas. It is noted that many new members expect close interactions with other member companies in the same and even different industries. In this regard, the JCC will continue to provide the member companies with opportunities for enhancing relationships with each other through various events.

Another continuous agenda is contribution to the Thai society. Business developments of a number of Japanese companies in Thailand has been supported by a long-term friendly relationship between the two countries. To enhance such relationship, it is important for us, as a member of the Thai society to make a contribution. The year 2017 will mark the 130th anniversary of Thailand and Japan diplomatic relations. In preparation for the coming memorable year, the JCC will set up a committee to consider what we can return to the Thai society.

Always keeping in mind that our members’ voices are the source of power, the JCC will actively promote activities serving each of our member companies. We would appreciate your continuous support, cooperation and active participation in the business.

June 2016

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