Each Division and Committee has organized exchange sessions, tours and lecture meetings to enhance exchange among the members.

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The Japanese Chamber of Commerce,
Bangkok Overview & History

Activities of Divisions

Provision of industrial information and members’ exchange
The JCC members may select one or more to belong to depending on its business. Each division has organized exchange sessions, tours and lecture meetings to enhance exchange among its members which are engaged in the same or related businesses as well as to provide updates and useful information on business management.
Main activities
Metal Division

Promoting activities on issues related to steel products due to JTEPA, promoting
activities on TISI regulations, working-parties activities (Steel, Coil Center and JTEPA)
Machinery Division
Seminar on human resources development , factory visit
Garment & Textile Division
Exchange of opinions on production & supply conditions of Polyester/ nylon yarns
Agricultural & Marine Product
Conference about Japanese food industry in Bangkok, factory visit

Finance, Insurance & Securities
Dinner talk with Dr. Prasarn, Governor of the Bank of Thailand, lectures on currency
market trends and recruitment
Transportation Division
Visit to Kota Kinabalu, field trip on Logistics facilitation
General Merchandise Division
Lectures on Intellectual property rights and human resources development
Automobile Division

Study on the actual results of sale/ export/ production of 4 wheels/ 2 wheels,
promoting activities on the economic stimulus plan, working-parties activities
(4 wheels, 2 wheels, Techniques & Production,Parts and The Automotive Human
Resource Development Project “AHRDP” and “AHRDIP”)
Tourism & Publicity Division
Lectures on Thai politics, Thai labor situation and AEC
Construction Division

Visit to Bhutan, lectures on BCP, Thailand public investment planning and human resources development
Chemicals Division

Seminar on Industrial waste management, seminar on PRTR system in Thailand, factory visit
Electric & Electronics Division
Lectures on ITA and RCEP, visit to factories of other sectors
Information & Communication
Technology (ICT) Division
Lecture on Thailand broadcasting and telecommunication

Retail Division
Report on business situation, lecture on human resources development
Trading Division

Lectures on Economic partnership between Thailand and ASEAN countries, lecture on
Thailand food service industry

Activities of Committees

Exchange opinions on the specialized field and carry out various projects
The objectives of each committee are wideranging from the business support to members to the cooperation with the Thai society as Japanese companies in Thailand. The activities of these committees are fundamental for the JCC.
Public Relations Committee
Public Relations

Japanese & Foreign Mission
Cultural Coordination

Review of published books, planning new books, publications
Public relations activities of the JCC (including web-site and surveys), publication of guidebook and newsletters
Giving receptions to Japanese & foreign missions
Arrangement of activities to promote the relationship and understanding between
Thailand and Japan in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, The Japanese
Association, and The Japan Foundation
Preliminary Japanese School Committee
Support the operations of preliminary Japanese schools in Phuket and Chiangmai

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology
Support the operation of the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology in cooperation with
Thai-Japanese Association School
Support in the construction of school building and advise for school management

General Affairs Committee
Management of organization and statute of the JCC, management of the secretariat
Social Contribution Committee
  • Education
  • Social Contribution
  • Planning and operation of educational support in Thailand
  • Planning and operation of social contribution activities
Labor Committee
Wages survey, working group on labor matters
Editorial Committee
Publication of monthly magazine "Shoho Report"
Environment Committee
Working group on environmental regulations
Human Resource Committee
Operation of bookkeeping test & seminar, held Job Fair event
Investment Infrastructure
BOI & General Affairs
Foreign Investment Issues

Industrial Estate
Visa & Work Permit
New Investment Support

Coordination with BOI
Promote activities for adjustment foreign investment condition, improve the
environment of investment within ASEAN region
Meeting with the representative of industrial estates
Improvement of the visa/work permit application process
Assistance for Japanese companies to start business in Thailand
SME Support Committee
Seminar, activities to support SME
Customs Committee
Promoting activity to improve the operation of the customs
IHQ Committee
Promotion to improve the regulation related IHQ
Tax System Committee

Proposal for improvement of corporation tax, withholding tax and customs,
offer information about tax system
Legal Committee
Study and offer information about Thai law and other related topics, seminar
GMS Committee

Promotion of economic development of GMS countries (working committie with BOT),
inspection tour
EDC Committee
Improvement of electronic industry (joint meeting with FTI)
FDC Committee
Improvement of agricultural and marine food indusry (joint meeting with FTI)
Organizational Strengthening
Increase new members and increase strong support to JCC’s members

130th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations Celebration Committee
Working group on 130th Anniversary of Japan-Thailand Diplomatic Relations Celebration

Risk Management Committee
Risk management in case of an emergency such as an outbreak of pandemic flu, etc.
Economic Research Group

Survey of economic trends (twice a year), publication of "Overview Thailand
Remarks : Each committee designs its own activity plan and conducts activities that contribute to the business of its
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