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Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok (JCC) is actively committed to bring opinions and requests of Japanese companies to the Thai Government. To make our activities as effective as possible, it is essential that as many Japanese companies as possible decide to be the JCC members. All of you are welcome to join us.
The main conditions include:
(1) The JCC members shall be corporate entities (including representative offices) registered in Thailand
(2) The JCC members shall have at least one person who has native-level Japanese ability (this is because most of information is in Japanese). There are no restrictions concerning the ratio of stockholding on the Japanese side.
Admission is subject to approval of the Board of Executive Directors.
Please call or visit our office. We will provide further guidelines and all the necessary documents.
Membership fee
Admission fee 1000 Baht
The number of units will vary depending on the scale of business.

Member benefits

(1) Seminars on a wide range of topics including revision of laws and business trend.
(2) Monthly reports exclusively for the JCC members
(3) Wage survey report (for responding members)
(4) Sharing information through the JCC members exchange and more.

We will give books below for free.
1. LIST OF MEMBERS 2014(2500 Baht)
2. Economic Situation in Thailand(1000 Baht)
3. The latest issue of Shoho monthly magazine(600 Baht)
4. JCC Wage Survey Report(1000 Baht)
We provide above report to companies who take part in a survey.
The member can purchase other books at member price which is cheaper than the normal price.

Membership Application Form

Please fill out the application form (to be downloaded from JCC website or receive it at JCC), and then bring it together with necessary documents to JCC.
Membership Application Guide
Membership Application Form
Enacted in 30 May, 1983
Partial Revision 5 Jan, 2015
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