About Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok|Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok


              Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok (JCC) is an organization with more than half a century history since its establishment in 1954. We are one of the largest overseas Japanese Chambers of Commerce in the world, with 1,656 member companies (as of end-March 2024). We develop a wide range of activities.

About Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok

Vision and Objectives


Friendship and development
of both Japan and Thailand


To contribute to the development of trade, industry as well as the whole economy between Japan and Thailand.


To promote interchange and friendship among the members of the JCC.


To provide assistance, advice and convenience to the JCC members
( for the sake of development in their trade and industrial activities. )



Carry out various projects to support the business of Japanese companies in Thailand as well as their harmonizing with Thai society.

The Concept of JCCʼs Emblem

With regards to the fundamental idea of mutual friendship and development of both countries ( Japan and Thailand ), the upper part of the emblem is a picture of a Buddhist temple, which is a symbol of Thailand. The shining sun above the temple is meant to symbolize hope for further growth of the country of Thailand. In addition, the flag of Japan and Thailand arranged in the lower area is designed to express the desire of eternal friendship between both countries.

History of JCC

Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok was founded on September 27, 1954 with 30 member companies.

The JCC has contributed to Japanese companies in Thailand in various forms. Concurrent with the growth of Japanese joint-venture companies, the JCC has taken part in various kinds of activities to assist in harmonizing with the Thai society.

Membership has increased steadily with the expansion of investment and the transfer of Japanese company plants to foreign countries. Particularly after the Plaza Accord in 1985, a number of the JCC members rapidly increased because of the foreign investment boom caused by the Japanese yenʼs appreciation and the change into a borderless global economy. Accordingly, the number of the JCC members increased to 394 companies in April 1985 and 696 companies in 1989. Thereupon, in June 1994 the JCC had increased its membership to 1,000 companies.

Despite experiencing many risks such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the 2011 Thai flood, the number of Japanese companies in Thailand continues to increase, and in 2016 the number of JCC members exceeded 1,700. However, the number of members began to decline due to the withdrawal of companies and the reorganization of business activities due to the impact of COVID-19 that occurred in 2020.

The JCC is one of the largest Japanese Chamber of Commerce located in a foreign country. The structure of the JCC is comprised of a Board of Executive Directors , 16 divisions of various business categories, 22 Committees divided into separate functions, and the Economic Research Group. The JCC conducts activities under the close cooperation of related government offices and other economic agents by focusing on the Board of Directors.