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Japanese Chamber of Commerce

To be our member of
Japanese Chamber of Commerce
in Bangkok.
Would you like to join?/ Why don’t you join us?

Opportunity to build the network and expand connection with approximately 1,600 Japanese companies in Thailand!

Solid foundation in Thailand

Numerous Events and Business Gathering

Seminars with expert lecturers

Management Support by providing information

Membership Benefits

No. of Members

No. of Members

Approximately 1,600 companies

Discussion with Thai Government and Institutions

Discussion with
Thai Government and Institutions

Approximately 40 times/year



Approximately 100 times/year

Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Approximately 100 times/year

3 JCC Membership Benefits

Expand your connection
Develop human resources

  • Have sub-committee activities, inspection activities and information exchange among members
  • Have many seminars and events
  • Member gathering
  • New Year’s Party
  • New member gathering

Management Support

  • Hold Tax Consultation 4 times/year
  • Consultation with experts about tax, accounting and legal
  • Hold Business Matching
  • Group Health Insurance with special rate
  • Travel Insurance with special rate

Provide Information

  • Salary Survey (Only provide to respondent companies)
  • Implementation of economic trend surveys
  • Membership Directory
  • “Economic Guide” Thai Economic commentary
  • “Bulletin" Thailand Current Affairs, Special Feature on Topics

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Membership Requirements

  1. 1

    Must be company that will be registered in Thailand
    (including representative offices, etc.)

  2. 2

    Have a person in charge who understands Japanese Language
    (all information will be mainly in Japanese language)

To be our membership. It doesn’t include investment ratio from Japan and have to get final approval from our Board of Directors.

Membership Enrollment Procedure

Any inquiries and membership enrollment reservation via
inquiry form

Fill application form and prepare necessary documents

JCC Office

Submit the required documents and pay admission fee
(1,000 Baht).

*Receiving Applications will be considered in Board of Directors Meeting by monthly but if there are any incomplete documents, applications will be considered the following month. Please contact us when you go through the procedures for joining.

*Please contact us in advance of your visit, as the person in charge may not be available.

Check the recommended executive Information here

Board of Directors Information and Organization Chart

Membership consideration by Board of Directors in the meeting at Japanese Chamber of Commerce

*Usually, held once a month on Monday of last week

Board Approval


Membership Fee and Regulation

The Institute has established membership fees in accordance with Article 25 of the Articles of Incorporation, as shown in the table below.

Revised in April 2015
Implement in April of the same year

Admission fee

1,000 Baht

Monthly member fee (THB)

No. of unit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Amount of money 800 1,600 2,400 3,200 4,000 4,800 5,600 6,400 7,200 8,000
No. of unit 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Amount of money 8,800 9,600 10,400 11,200 12,000 12,800 13,600 14,400 15,200 16,000

It’s also possible to pay more than 20 units.
In such case, membership fee will be calculated from multiplied unit ( 800 THB/unit).

Membership Fee Calculation

(1) The number of unit in Membership fee and regulation table will be determined based on 4 items in the table below and member can get least more than 1 unit (Approved by the General Assembly on April’23, 1980)

  No. of unit your company unit
Size of Parent Company Have Parent Company in Japan Be in Tokyo Prime Market 2  
Be in Tokyo Standard Market 1  
Others 0  
Not have Parent Company in Japan All non-Japanese companies that were established in Thailand (*)1-4  
Others Public Sectors 1-3  
Business Activity in Thailand Carry out Commercial Activity (*)1-4  
Not carry out Commercial Activity ( Representative Office, Public sector, etc.) 0  
No. of Japanese Expatriates 1 - 2 persons 0  
3 - 5 persons 1  
6 - 10 persons 2  
11 - 15 persons 3  
More than 16 persons 4  
No. of desired Subcommittees 1 - 3 Subcommittees 0  
4 - 6 Subcommittees 1  
7 or More than 7 Subcommittees 2  

* No. of Japanese Expatriates : Total No. of Japanese in your company

(Note) Principle Calculation based on the following criteria

Registered Capital No. of unit
  - Less than 5 Million 1
5 Million baht - Less than 10 Million 2
10 Million baht - 100 Million baht 3
100 Million baht -   4

(2) The membership fees shall be adjusted based on the renewal (implemented once a year) of the membership registration.

(3) Once the membership fee has been paid, it shall not be returned for any reason.

Examples of Membership Calculation

Example 1

  • There isn’t parent company in Japan and the capital of Thai corporation is 2 million baht
  • There is only one Japanese employee working full-time at Thai corporation.
  • There are 3 Subcommittees that would like to attend.

Categories I 1 unit
Categories II 1 unit
Categories III o unit
Categories IV o unit

Total 2 units = 1,600 Baht per month

Example 2

  • There is parent company in Japan and in listed in Tokyo Prime market.
  • The capital of Thai corporation is 10 million baht and there are 4 Japanese employees working full-time at Thai corporation
  • There are 5 Subcommittees that would like to attend.

Categories I 2 units
Categories II 3 units
Categories III 1 unit
Categories IV 1 unit

Total 7 units = 5,600 Baht per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What Documents are required for membership registration ?


Please read the details on the second page of the membership registration form. If you have any questions about the required documents, please feel free to contact us.

Q Can Companies outside Bangkok join ?


Yes, you can join. Many companies outside Bangkok are also joining us.

Q Can I join in the middle of the fiscal year ?


Yes, enrollment is always welcome anytime. Membership fees can be paid on a monthly basis starting from the month of enrollment. There isn’t annual fee.

Q Do I need to renew membership every fiscal year ?


No renewal procedure is required. Your membership will be automatically renewed.

Q As for our events and seminars, Is participation mandatory?


It is not required. Please participate according to your convenience and interest.

Q How do I pay membership fee


You can choose to pay the membership fee as the following 3 ways.

1.Automatic Bank Withdrawal (Please refer to the answer to the question "Can I use Bank Withdrawal to pay membership fee?" -Bank of Ayutthaya, Bangkok Ton Son Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bangkok Branch, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)

2.Pay by cash or cheque at JCC

3.Pay by cheque and sent by EMS. (Please contact our staff for more details.)

Q Can I use Bank Withdrawal to pay my membership fee?


Yes, you can apply for automatic withdrawal only if you have one of the following three bank accounts

In the case of bank withdrawal, the 3rd of the designated month is the withdrawal date.

1.Bank of Ayutthaya (*Only accounts at Bangkok Tonson Branch)
3.Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Membership Application and

*Inquiry Issues

*Company Name


Phone Number

Phone Number

If you’re using Japanese mobile number,
please kindly provide the country code (+81).

*Email Address

*Please fill your email address again for verification

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